I like to have my clients set up an account with AIM or Mobile Me, so I can provide off site support over the web using screen sharing.

These are instructions on how to set up a free AIM account to use with iChat (in your Applications Folder)

First follow this link.


Click the Get a Username link (see the red oval)

When you get to the next screen, use one of your email addresses as the AIM username.

The AIM screen name service will send a link to your email address for you to click confirming that you did indeed request the AIM name.

Once you have confirmation of the name, open iChat

iChat may take you directly to a sign on screen; if not go to the iChat menu (upper left part of your screen) and click "Preferences"

Click Accounts at the top of this screen and then click + on the lower left corner.

Now enter your AIM screen name (email address) and the Password that you will use for AIM in the appropriate blocks

If this log in screen comes up when you first open iChat the system may show a mobileme, or a mac.com, or a me.com designation in the top window: change it to AIM account.

When your iChat Buddy list comes up, Click the + on the lower left of the window and add me as “vancrispin2” and this will be an AIM screen name.

Then just send me an email giving me your new iChat user name and I’ll set you up to receive messages and to use screen sharing.


Instructions for getting an iChat Screen name and setting up iChat